The Making of a Podcast


My life is a humorous web of connections, coincidences, conspiracies and commitment phobes. And when you have access to all of this material on a daily basis it’d be wasteful not to share that with the world. The excitement and enthusiasm I tell my stories with needs to be heard by many so they can laugh along with and at me when they tune on in to the Foddercast. 

It started a couple of years ago, when a light bulb moment came over me and I decided I wanted to start a podcast. I wanted to branch out from my poetry on Instagram and help people in another way, through my life advice each week. In the interim, I created my own blog ( and hope that the podcast, blog and my poetry can work in conjunction but also different ways to help connect and support followers. I knew making a podcast wouldn’t be easy. I have no idea about how to even record and figured I’ll just wing it. I soon recruited a friend (and by recruited I think I mean, she caved) and together we began eliciting material for the podcast unwittingly in our interactions. This material ranged in depth and detail and was based on the hilarious and not so intrepid travels, stories and dealings we each faced in our daily lives.

After deliberations, pages of ideas (in my head) and on paper, I finally did it and bought a microphone yesterday. Experimentation begins tomorrow and recording in the next couple of weeks. Segments are being brainstormed and tweaked and the podcast will be an avenue for women to be genuinely inspired and informed through topics that matter, guests that make a difference in our community and a couple of crazy 30 year olds just chinwagging about life.

The debut podcast, The Foddercast, will be up and running in mere weeks. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram @thefoddercast

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    Go B! Can’t wait to hear you podcast, Foddercast. Your energy, self reflection and insight amazing.


    1. lessonsbyb says:

      Thanks Michele! Can’t wait to start recording and getting the fodder out there xx


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