Got myself a man!


In the span of a week, I landed myself a man. After searching for someone who gets me, is committed, who will never leave my side and loves me unconditionally. I’ve found him.

We met online. Had our first date, under dim lighting. And I just knew. By the weekend, he was mine. My new man has dark brown eyes and brown hair and the cutest smile. He loves naps, is a big foodie and loves lazy snuggles. The perfect addition to the winter months.

Franklin, my new man, is my four legged, furry puppy who has filled my heart with so much love! I’ve wanted a puppy for 10 years and within a week I had one. After fretting about ‘Will I be ready?’ and ‘How much?’ I’ve realized it doesn’t matter. If I waited until I thought I was ready I’d be waiting forever. It was time to bite the bullet and act.

All I want to do is come home to my little man and have cuddles. I calculate how many hours I have with him from the point I arrive home from work to bed. I’ve been a dog mum for a week and I have already put him first. My eyebrows are evidence of that; needing a major pluck today!

I’ve also found that having Frankie has helped me to slow down. I focus on him more than I do myself. Having him around has helped me put less pressure on myself in dating, being out, exercising and all those things I grapple with my own expectations of. He’s taught me that love comes in all different forms and that love should be easy, fun, giving and forgiving. He’s taught me that love is worth waiting for. He’s taught me that love can just be around the corner. He’s helped me to give all the love I have to that special someone. And he’s the lucky little guy that gets all of that love!


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