To all the girls…


This is to all the girls who are searching for someone who can add to their lives, not become their life. To all the girls who have been ghosted, gaslighted, rejected and hurt over and over again in pursuit of him. To all the girls who keep trying no matter how disheartened they are. To all the girls who are surrounded by weddings, babies, engagements and listen to the stories with happiness yet are left so forlorn. To all the girls who ask themselves ‘What else can I do? Where are all the genuine people?’ To all the girls who know what they want and won’t settle for less. To all the girls sifting through red flag after red flag, who just need to finally catch a break.

You are my people. I know your challenges, your loneliness and the thoughts you go through. I know that you are doing your best to live your life as well as search for your other half. I know that you are amazing and deserve total happiness, unconditional love and security. I know the yearning you feel and the intensity of the pressure you put on yourself to find someone, support others, love yourself and be the best you. All at the same time.

To all the girls…give yourself some credit. You are worthy. Enough. Confident. Show yourself the love you are willing to give someone else. And make sure you find ways to take care of you while you are searching for someone to take care of.

To all the girls…you are strong, brave and bold. Hold hope. Celebrate your successes. Be your own best friend. Give yourself a hug. Find friends that ‘get it.’ Journal. Cry. Laugh. Breathe. Reach out to others. Take a break. Keep your integrity. And always remember, he just hasn’t come along on YOUR timeline yet.

B. xx

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  1. Bob thomas says:

    Relationships today are very complex, difficult to find due to the virtual way we need to find them. A lot of uncertainty exhists as you often deal with a keyboard and not a genuine person looking for a meaningful relationship. The face to face option has been superceeded to its detriment. Anyone out there looking for a genuine relationship, don’t give up, it will happen believe me. Patience will have its reward. Keep on looking and you will find a soul mate……


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