All of the self’s


So here’s me. 30. Single. Pupped up. Still living at home. A dreamer. A creator. A doer. A teacher. A poet. An author. A writer.

I once had a plan. A plan to be married by 28, having kids by 30. But plans seem to go out the window these days and I’m kind of glad this one did. I’m at the point where I want to cuddle other people’s babies and then return them, going home to my puppy and lack of responsibilities. I’m now on a different path. Like I’ve switched train lines and am now on the Mernda line rather than the Hurstbridge one I am so familiar with. Heading in a completely new direction I’m not prepared for but extremely excited about. I’m stopping at stations along the way, adding to the rich tapestry of my new experiences; writing, learning and growing with each ‘Mind the Gap’ announcement.

This new adventure has been a long time coming but I never expected it so soon. I feel I’m forced to make big decisions and challenge the chapters that I thought would lie ahead of me. This sounds pretty daunting, which it is, however, I know that it’s the perfect chance to pave the road I want, capturing all my passions, loves and interests along the uncharted way. This is what gives me hope that everything will work out.

I know that sometimes life throws us a curveball. A challenge. An obstacle. A chance at something new alas, scary. Take it from me. It’s up to you to change your mindset and see it as a positive. A new beginning. A new day. A new chance at happiness, freedom or even living your best life and an opportunity at making your dreams come true.

After years of reflection, journaling, writing and developing a deeper awareness of my emotions, my self-awareness is off the charts! I’m a big believer in self-care and self-preservation and many of my actions and thoughts centre on these crucial aspects that improve my mindset, life and generate positivity. Switching train lines is scary but so is staying on the same one for the rest of my 30s. My gut is telling me that. My mind is telling me that. My heart is telling me that. And most of all my anxiety is telling me that.

b. xx

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