Planting the seed…


My favourite night of the week, Saturday, spent with my favourites. 8 month old puppy Frankie and only purchased today, house plant Terrence. Together, we’re living the dream. Whilst I drink wine, Frankie chews on his designated sock, looking at me lovingly every 3- 5 minutes and Terrence just sits there, as he appears to be preparing hard for photosynthesis tomorrow. My happy little family.

I was reminded today of all the beauty and blessings in my life. For every, ‘I want a decent man,’ cry or every ‘Are you alive?’ text that goes unresponded to from less than lackluster suitors, there’s always far better things in this wonderful life. I was reminded to show gratitude for and to those that love me, those that care, those that check in and those that are always there for me. I was reminded that although there’s a sliver of me that feels hard done by, romantically, there’s 3/4 or more of me that feels loved, valued and appreciated. And for those things I am so very thankful.

I think that sometimes we crave what we perceive we don’t have. A man is one of those things for me. For those of you following along with my adventures and journey, you’ll know the trials I’ve faced in this department. I’m someone who often regales the tribulations of modern dating and the ridiculous fiascoes we face on the regular as single women. I don’t want this to be my focus anymore. It’s time now to be grateful for everything I do have.

It’s clear I want someone who can give me everything, but I have SO many people in my life that already do. I want to spend more time consciously celebrating those relationships and tell those people how lucky I am to call them my friend, cousin or colleague. What I don’t want is to allow myself to be swallowed by the negativity that swoops down upon me, which I often do. It’s all about mindset and changing mine to acknowledge that I am loved. I am worthy. I am enough. It all starts with planting that first seed in your mind.

So what if I don’t have a real man. I’ve got my boys (Frankie and Terrence). And I’ve got so many damn reasons to smile.

b. xx

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