Swipe Strike


It’s a hard life when you’re a catch. You hear stories about SO many fish in the sea but when you’re searching for a barramundi and only reeling in bassa, your chance at love and the ‘fairytail’ mate you always dreamed of pretty much seems like oceans away.

Fishing requires patience. It takes time. So too does dating. Time is precious. Swiping takes up countless hours and for what? To deliver matches that don’t reply or instead unmatch us? To yield limited chat that never becomes anything more than our jobs or “banta?” To bring about fruitless dates that don’t really feel fulfilling? Yet we continue using these platforms that make us feel so helpless in the game of love. Why? Because we foolishly hold hope.

In a time when genuine connection is going out of fashion, there has to be some merit in communicating on a face to face level. Picking up on body language, detecting tone and not allowing multiple days of think time in response to a question, like texting allows are some of these. It’s these connections that we need to search for, build and aspire to. I’ve spoken to several male dates about their feelings towards online dating apps and the majority hate them. This just tells me we need to explore other avenues of meeting new people. An online means takes away the instant attraction, those magical sparks and the power of romance. The sub par alternative being a GIF on apps replacing all these feelings of feverish excitement for minimal lols.

In response to all this I decided to enforce a September Swipe Strike; I will not swipe on online dating apps for the rest of this month. Instead, I will harness opportunities to create face to face connections through networks, speed dating and mutual friends. If this does not open the pool of potentials, then I’m all out of ideas.

So ladies and gentlemen, join me as I Swipe Strike. Be the fish out of water. The one that jumps off the bandwagon that is online dating in search for something more. The one who casts their net wide in hope of something real. The one that finally let’s themselves off the hook and finds something genuine.

b. xx

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