Dear boy…

Please remember that behind every hello, every ‘like,’ every match, every swipe, every comment and every text, is a beautiful girl. A girl who has feelings. A girl who has been strong for too long a time. A girl who has been fighting to stay brave and keep shining even when she wants to give up all hope of ever finding someone that will make her glow again.


Please remember that every girl that you leave hanging or ghost is wondering why she wasn’t good enough for you. It’s on replay in her head. Over and over again. She’s sitting in a pit of anxiety and confusion because you couldn’t be honest and communicate whatever it was you felt or didn’t feel. She can’t control your actions but she can certainly control her reactions. But how does one know how to react when one doesn’t know where they stand? Give her no reason to doubt you. No reason to live in confusion of fear. She has for too long. Set her free. Finally.


Please remember that every girl wants someone to show them they care. Send her a message to wish her luck for that interview. Buy her flowers or her favourite chocolate to let her know you’re thinking of her. Make her feel she is safe. She is valued. She is loved. She needs that. She needs someone who can listen and be there for her. She needs a best friend, who wants to work as a team.


Please remember that every girl wants her heart to be filled with love. An overflowing love that flows like a waterfall, cascading for all to see. She doesn’t need you. She wants you. She chose you. This is what she is searching for. This is why the fight will be worth it. For the love.

So boy… be the man that she needs. She’s not asking for much.

b. xx

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